Stitches Embroidery Loft is a small family owned and operated embroidery shop located in Louisville, Colorado. With no minimum ordering restrictions, over 40,000 embroidery designs and styles in stock, no set up fees and a quick turn-around time. “Personalized service is what I do.”

    As a small business we are able to provide highly personalized and customized service at the right price. All of the embroidery work is done on-site allowing us to offer excellent quality control. We do the small jobs the larger companies won’t do, without extra charges. Services include customized embroidery designs, personalized names, wearable art, and logos. Some of the more popular items we embroider include sporting equipment, sports apparel, work wear, uniforms, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, caps, blankets, and aprons.

    We will embroider items that other shops won’t do, basically anything that can be hooped or attached to one of our many specialty frames can be embroidered, including; leather, webbing, cordura, canvas, motorcycle jackets & seats, gear bags, backpacks, pet items, horse tack, specialty clothing, skydiving gear and many others.

“I welcome clients who bring in their own items on which to have custom embroidery done”.  Other shop owners won’t make that statement!

All embroidery work is done on site using state of the art equipment, with an Amaya 16 needle machine that is computer driven to 1500 stitches per minute and digitizing services that generally beat everyone else price.

Outdoor Gear Repair: Zippers burst, Velcro gets old, buckles break, fabric tears and stitching can come apart. Stitches Embroidery Loft can get your gear back to working condition. We have a full range of industrial sewing machines to make any repairs necessary on any type if products including gear bags, wet suits, jackets, tents, winter skiing gear, scuba & skydiving equipment, horse tack and all sorts of outdoor gear.

The industrial sewing machines allow us to work with particularly tough fabrics like Cordura, Canvas, Gore-tex, Nylon Webbing, Denim and other textiles common to outdoor gear.

Bring us your gear or specialty clothing in for an estimate.

Stitches Embroidery Loft provides personal service and excellent pricing that will keep you coming back.

If you have questions about our services, or simply need more information please Contact Us

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