If you don’t have your own logo or design already, maybe one of our stock designs will work for you? Designs range in a variety of prices based on size and detail (stitch count).

Our stock designs are a great place to start. Add some basic text and you have a great design for your company or business at a much lower cost. Custom logo’s can be created by using one of the existing stock digitized files to either combine different files and/or add text to create original logo’s which can be use by a customer for embroidery.

We use Dakota Collectibles, Great Notions, and Balbota stock embroidery designs. We have compiled a library of over 40,000 stock designs.

We have the vast majority of these designs in stock and ready-to-use, there are no setup charges or design fees is using one of these designs alone. Some designs however have been added to the Dakota and Great Notions design collection since we purchased the set. It's possible that the design you want is a new one, in this case we will need to charge to for the initial purchase of the design.

If you find something you like, please note the number and letter code Example (SP2801)

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If you don’t find a stock design that can work for you then how about a Custom Design